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Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge SALE!!!

Originally posted by hilaryaries at Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge SALE!!!
All items were bought from Japan last year.
-All items shipped from U.S.
-Ship to U.S. ONLY.
-Free Shipping
-Payment by Venmo(preferred and no additional charge).
-Will also accept PayPal if you cannot do Venmo. But PayPal's fee (2.9%+USD0.30) will be added to the transaction.
-Contact me at hilaryaries@gmail.com for more details.
-First-time seller:)

LIZ LISA Book One Piece $85
-With elastic gum back, stretchy.

LIZ LISA Purple Party Dress $85
-With elastic gum back, stretchy. Side zipper.

Ank Rouge Black Dress with Front Ribbon $60
-Side zipper.
-Material is not stretchy that the size is relative to US size S.

Ank Rouge Red Strap Skirt $40
-Stretchy waist with elastic gum.
-A bit short to me. (I'm 5 ft 5, FYI)

Ank Rouge Black Platform Shoes $50
-Has a bit scratches at the front of one of the shoes, but it is not obvious.
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